Saturday, September 10, 2011

Why I don't watch television

So, my oldest son came over to the house with some DVDs. "This is a great show mom, you'll love it" he said. I made him watch Dr. Horrible recently, so I let him pop in the first episode of the first season of Supernatural.

One month later I have gotten through the first 5 seasons and I've turned into a soggy weeping puddle on the floor. Dang, good shows like this pull you in and then tear your heart out through you're eye socket, run over it with a truck, fillet it with a spoon, and then shove it back in sideways and they still expect you to function like a normal human being?

I get far to emotionally attached to characters like this. I've bought the 6th season (my son only had up to the 5th), and I'll have to quick watch all of that before the 7th starts airing this month. But before that, I'll be re-watching the 5th season with my daughter, who is also a huge fan but couldn't watch 5th season with me because she's been out of town all week.

Needles to say, no crafting done this past week. I can't knit, spin, weave, or do anything when I watch this show. I'm either on the edge of my seat, throwing something at the tv, or running for a box of kleenex. I'll return to all that fun crafty stuff after we've gotten caught up and I have to suffer through a week between episodes.

So, who else watches this show?