Saturday, July 23, 2011

tdf Day 22

Wow, almost done. This month has gone by fast!
A bit of catch up.
I bought 4 ounces of raw CVM from The Spinning Loft (love that shop)

I washed it and combed it with 2 pitch combs. The little balls felt a lot like firm sponges. They were really weird and when I drafted them they reminded me of rubber being stretched.

2 ply and not a very good job of it at that. I will say though that this is wonderful fiber once spun. It's soft and squishy and I wouldn't mind a sweater made of it.

4 ounces of raw Leicester Longwool, again, from The Spinning Loft. You can see where the lanolin is melting into the label. I had to move the dehumidifier in the basement because it was blowing very warm air all over my wool.

The Leicester got washed and was combed by my daughter C. This was the first fiber she combed and hopefully she learned what not to do. (Love you C!). I believe this was also the fiber she was working on when she dropped the comb onto her foot.

Again, a 2 ply skein. This yarn isn't very soft but the luster is wonderful. You can't really see it in this picture but it's there. I want to buy more and add it in with the coopworth for the rug.

I had washed 4 ounces of gray Polworth to use for the challenge day, thinking I'd spin it both for the challenge of lace weight, and as a new-to-me fiber, but with my completion of lace weight with the merino/tencel, and since this was the same color as the shirt I'm wearing today, I decided to spin this.
This fiber laughed and stuck it's tongue out at me. Since my usually mode of spinning is to over spin, I've been trying to lighten it up and spin a softer, less twisted yarn. This however kept falling apart and once I realized it was daring me to spin it as tightly as I could we got along just fine.

watched: Sherlock Holmes.