Friday, June 10, 2011


Oh My God, I just joined Tour de Fleece's rookie and spindle teams.
What the heck was I thinking? Now I have to wash an entire fleece, card that and the rest of the coopworth before the 2nd of July.
That means little to no spinning until that gets done. ; (

Someone please tell me this was a good idea. This isn't something I should be panicking over, right?

eta: Well now I've done it. I've added the spinners study team. It'll be a good excuse to get through all those breed samples I've been hording, and it'll keep me from being bored by spinning only 2 kinds of wool in 20 days.

Spin every day of the tour using a spindle.
Spin all of the coopworth (gray and white) into 3 ply yarn for the area rug.
Spin the merino/targhee fleece
Spin several samples of breeds I've not worked with before.
Extra challenge - Spin a good, well balanced, 2ply lace weight yarn. I'll have plenty of practice with all of that merino/targhee fiber yumminess.

6-19 eta:
I joined the Phat Fiber team after realizing that my original goals were way beyond what I could comfortably handle. After a week of doing nothing but washing wool, I still have to comb it all and get it ready and I'm just not going to be able to do that. So, new goals:
Spindle team: Spin everything on a spindle.
Spinner's study team: Spin as many of those 4oz samples as I can.
Phat Team: Spin as much phat fiber as I can get through.

Phew, now I might be able to relax a little bit.