Tuesday, July 12, 2011

tdf day 11

I got a little side tracked yesterday and started spinning this
100% Tussah Silk
It's fun to spin but when you have record breaking heat and humidity again, like we are having, it sticks all over you and falls apart before you can spin it.

Again I bought 4 ounces from the Spinning Loft
I washed it up and carded it. A very large portion of it was second cuts. Something I was surprised to see considering where I bought the fiber. This wool is so soft and yummy that I didn't want to toss any of it out so I decided to card it as is.
I completely forgot to get a picture of the rollags, but here's a picture of it as it's being spun.

I am not a lover of art yarn. I just don't get it, but this stuff is made of fun. I tried to keep as many of the second cuts on the 'outside' of the spun yarn as I could so that it wouldn't be lumpy so much as having a pomp pomp affect. The two singles looked like a poodle with a bad hair cut but once I plied them the yarn became more lumpy than pomp pompish.
and by the time it got washed it looked like a yarn that was just badly spun.
It lost most of it's pomp pomps in the plying and when it got wet it fuzzed up and became lumpy. Still, it's so very extra soft. Another type of wool that I'd love to have an entire fleece of to play with.

watched: VH1 classic, Alice Cooper documentary, Fraggle Rock, Green Day documentary, The George Burns and Gracie Allen show.