Tuesday, July 5, 2011

tdf day 4

Very slow start to today's spinning. I slept in (after staying up until 3 with the kids watching Dr Horrible extras) and took to long posting and trying to keep up with boards.
This is The Critter Ranch's Monarch colorway in merino/tencel.

I decided to take pictures of the 'paper cuts' the Romney gave me because this is all about documenting my first Tour de France. They aren't healing because they were put there from the motions of plying, so plying the Black Welsh just tore them up again.

Have you ever tried to take pictures of your own hands?

With a dumb ass camera

That never wants to FOCUS

There. Documentation of my 'war wounds'.

Watched: Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog (I really have to take that remote away from my daughter ; ) a show about I band but I can't remember who it was, Whoe's Line old school marathon.