Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Phat Fiber Fun

I got my mixed box today.
The fluff

The yarn

The stuff

So much fun crammed into one little box. I had tried for a fluff box but couldn't get one so I'd thought I'd settled for a mixed box. Wrong. There was no settling. I love the mixed box. I'm spending too much on larger portions and some things that I didn't happen to get in this box. Next month I will have to hold back and not go nuts with the shopping because the month of June is science fiction and there will be no stopping me then.

Some of my favorites from this box are:
North star alpacas
Scarab color way. I didn't think I wanted yarn in this box but this sample is amazing.

There are more yarns I'd buy if I didn't spend all my money on fiber.

Bitsy Knits
Blue Morpho

And The Critter Ranch's

There's lots more that I love in there but I've had to turn the light on to see it all and now the tree frogs are all upset. They thought they could take a quiet dip in their water dish by moonlight and now I've turned a spot light on them. They are very embarrassed and would prefer I turned the light back out, so you will just have believe me when I say HURRAY for phat fiber sampler box butterflies and flutterbys!