Friday, July 22, 2011

tdf day 21

Spun, plied, and washed.
wpi 13 = worsted/sport
yards = 164

This is still damp but in this humidity that's to be expected. I have to take it downstairs and throw it on the electric sweater dryer.

This yarn was a study on spinning a thicker less twisted yarn. I failed miserably. Well, no I guess I can't say that. It's thicker and less twisted than I'm comfortable spinning. It's just not balanced or spun evenly. Still I love it. I love the green of it and the barber pole. I also LOVED that it didn't lose any color in the washing. The last skein I spun went from brilliant colors to washed out tomato-y prettiness because so much color was washed out. This though, kept it's color.

And to show off a weeks worth of work (so far)...

watched: Firefly, Black Death, 3rd Rock from the Sun.