Thursday, February 16, 2012

Spinning and crocheting.

If you're a new spinner and you've wandered in here, take some advice. Spin with what YOU think would be comfortable. When I first started spinning, I had a spinning teacher tell me to not even try a wheel until I'd been spindle spinning for a long while. She said the wheel was too difficult and too fast. I've heard many spinners repeat this phrase, but I wish I hadn't listened to that part of the lesson. I believed her, knowing that she knew more about it than I. Now, after having my wheel working, I am spinning much better yarn than I ever spun with a spindle. Everyone learns differently. If you think you would enjoy a wheel better than a spindle, then by all means learn on a wheel. I still love to spindle spin but I've learned more about how to make yummy yarns on a wheel than I did with my spindles.

That being said, the above pictures shows how addicting N-plying has become.

I was given a bunch of baby/fingering yarn in pastel colors. I'm not a pastel kind of person but I didn't want this yarn to go to waste so I bought some matching yarn and started in on Attic 24's Summer Garden Granny Square afghan.

Here's a crappy picture of the first few 3" squares.

These things a freakishly addicting. I have no idea how big/small this afghan will end up. I'll just keep crocheting until I run out of yarn.