Friday, August 17, 2012

There's a party in our future.

For my daughters' sweet 16 this year (16?! already?!), I've planned an all out family party at the Renfest. We try to go every year when we can afford it and it's something she really looks forward too. This year however, we are dressing up in costume and going all out.

With the money situation as it's been, I wasn't going to buy new clothes. I had planned on wearing a hippy type skirt and top but C would not hear of it. After working this summer to earn money, she bought her dress (which we both love) and today she bought me one. I have the sweetest of kids. Really.

This is the one we decided on.
Forest Green Belladonna Peasant Bustier Empire Waist Gypsy Boho Corset Dress

I could live in that shop if I had a cute figure and all the money in the world.

So, now that I have a dress, I need to find some kind of shoes. I don't think the pair of gym shoes or flip flops I own will cut it this time.

I'm also frantically trying to put together a shawl. Today I'll wash some sock yarn I've had for ages and die it. Then I only have a few weeks to fight it into the shape I need. Anyone who knows me knows I'm not that great at knitting, but I really want a shawl to go with this dress. Otherwise the only thing I have to wear on a crisp fall day is a black hoody and that's really not the look I'm going for.

I'm hoping this shawl is easy enough for me to get it done in time.
Simple Triangular Shawl