Sunday, September 9, 2012


Just about every year we go to the Ohio Renfest. It's expensive so we save up and look forward to it months in advance. We've never dressed up and we buy very little because we just don't spend money like that. This year though, I planned it as a little surprise for my daughter's 16 birthday. She's always wanted to go dressed up so I let her know ahead of time so she would have the chance to pick out her costume and choose the day she wanted to go. She picked Irish Fest Weekend. She worked all summer doing yard work and odd jobs for her grandma. She earned enough to get her dress and when she realized I couldn't buy one, she picked out and bought mine too.

She knew we were going, but what she didn't know was that I had also saved up some spending money for her. She's always so generous when she's able to be so I wanted her to be able to spend something on herself for once.

Besides some new shops this year was the band Seven Nations. They are EXCELLENT live. I hope the crowd was grateful enough for them to want to come back next year.

I didn't get many pictures but here's one of some of my kids.

That's the youngest son in the cloak, daughter in green with the long hair (taking video of Seven Nations), and the short one is my daughter-in-law, who's husband (my oldest son) is standing on the other side of his 6'5" brother.

We are all so stiff, sunburned, and sore today but it's well worth it. Right now she's practicing the ocarina she bought there. She's wanted one for years and she finally got one.