Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Anyone who knows me knows I'd much rather spin than knit.
That being said, I WILL get this shawl knit before mid December.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Trying to catch up

I've been in a frantic spinning mode lately.

Spunky Eclectic July 2011 club- Headache in Wensleydale. 234 yards 2 ply lace weight.
This was back from March of this year. The rest are just from the last month.

Falkland 416 yds light fingering.

Fiber Fancy 80's club- Madonna. 374 yrds Polwarth light fingering. I REALLY loved her Beatles club, and generally I love her regular colorways, but I'm not so fond of this club. Everything is PINK. That's the one color I can't stomach. You can find a link to her shop in past posts along with her fiber that I did love.

Into The Whirled club - Ravenswood 630 yrds Merino/silk light fingering. I was very sad when I couldn't renew this club for financial reasons. This and Woolgatherings will be the first clubs I rejoin when I can.

Springtree Road - States of Waking and Dreaming. Merino/tencel lace weight. Yeardage unknown. I started crocheting a bag with this as soon as it was dry. I've included Springtree Roads own sale picture (first one) to show just how gorgeous this fiber is.

The last two are from Woolgatherings club. Both Polwarth/silk. 306 and 388 yrds respectfully.

I'm going to try to knit Woolgatherings two skeins along with another I've spun (it's still drying) into a warm cozy shawl.

I just realized that I've not kept up with the knitting/crochet/spinning counters in the side bar. Those are way off. I'll reset them with the new year.

I get Autumn fever like most people get Spring fever. I have to get the house cleaned, organized, and I get interested in fun things again. I just hope some day I'll feel well enough to be able to keep up with myself.

Here's a little more pretty to look at. Our last walk through the park.