Sunday, November 8, 2009

Proof that I'm not a blogger

So, not only has it been a long time since I've posted anything here, but it's been so long that my browser ate my bookmark to this blog, I forgot my password, AND I forgot which photo thingy I used. Sheesh, that is so much like me.

Anyway, now that I've figured out how to get on here again, a little update:

My oldest son got married to a very sweet girl (pictures to follow)

We've taken a few weeks off school to plan for the wedding. It was a homemade wedding with home baked goodness in the form of food and decorations. Well, most of the decorations weren't home made, but no wedding planners for this family. It was very laid back, informal, and just like they wanted it. In other words it was wonderful.

The two youngest and I are planning a field trip to a sheep/llama farm next week. I've met a very nice person online while trying to buy some Jacob fleece, and they've offered to show us not only their farm, but introduce me to someone who teaches spinning (I need all the help I can get!), and if there's time we will go to another farm and visit their animals. It will be very difficult not to bring home a little Jacob for our yard. I wonder if the neighbors will believe that he's just another dog?

Since there's no one following this blog, I mean why would there be? I can't even follow it. lol I'll post a bunch of updates in random order and with pictures... if I can make that work.

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