Monday, April 19, 2010

I am very good at planning projects. I love to go through patterns, get creative, make ideas, chose the materials I want to work with....

I am, however, terrible at actually doing the 'making' of said projects. I have lists and lists of things I want to make. Unfortunately LIFE keeps getting in the way.

For instance. I was all set to start on some sewing projects. Both my daughter and I have plans for skirts, quilts, and cloth dolls. I got my sewing area cleaned up and was ready to start the next day, but, the next day turned into an unexpected event. The mother of my son's friend is dieing while she's out of town. We have all known this was happening, but she left town in such a condition that she wouldn't be coming back. This left all of her 'stuff' to be dealt with by her 3 kids (the oldest is only 21.) My son's friend called me over and said I could have whatever I wanted. Well..... Aside from the numerous cats and dog (which my husband would not be very happy with) I decided to tackle her mountain of clothes. Most of them were dirty and laying all over her bedroom. Something these kids shouldn't have had to deal with on top of losing their mother and all of the crap she left behind for them to clean up. I bagged all the clothes/towels/sheets up and took them home. 30 loads of laundry later (Yes, I did say 30. I have never seen so many clothes owned by one person in my life.) my sewing area was crammed full of clothes. No room to sew anymore until we sort through all of these. There is something everyone can wear, plus clothes and sheets to tear up for craft projects and still have plenty left over to donate. I mean, who really needs 75 T-shirts, 15 sweat shirts, and 30+ tank and dress tops?! I don't think she ever did laundry. She just bought more clothes when she ran out of clean ones.

Don't get me wrong. I'm sorry that she is dieing. I have known her for 15 years and our oldest kids have been friends for that long. I am sorry for the kids. She is dieing because of something she has done to herself since before I knew her, and it's her kids who have had to pay the price all of their lives. Call me heartless, but it's them who I feel sorry for.

So anyway, several projects planned (and ever more planned now that I have tons of material).... but nothing creative accomplished. And now my house is a disaster area once again. Ho-hum.

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