Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My name was on the silver screen tonight

My DD was only 4 when The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship first came out in theaters. Needless to say she's never seen it in the theater. She's watched our DVDs countless times, but she's never seen it on the big screen.

Tonight, after saving up (12.50/ticket x4 = 50 bucks) she took the whole family to the special, one night only theater screening of the extended version with a new opener with Peter Jackson.

We are all huge LOTR fans in this house so this was a big deal for us. Especially me, who was kept in the dark about the whole thing until we got to the theater.

When the movie was over we all sat there waiting for my name to show up on the screen. We waited and waited and....I missed it. Yep, the kids saw it but I didn't catch it in time. Oh well. I know I was there and we all had a wonderful night out together. That's what matters.

There's still The Two Towers, and The Return of the King. She's saved up all the money for all of our tickets for all three movies. I love it that my daughter is as much a fan girl as I am. (Not to mention very generous)

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