Wednesday, September 12, 2012

To Do list

I think I may have been knit into a corner.

I knit this little pouch to keep the daughters ocarina in. Now she wants me to knit more (only larger) as goodie bags/dice bags for her Halloween party.

Number needed- unknown

Mom's birthday in 7 days.
She wanted me to knit her more cloths and dish towels but didn't like the heavy ones (can't blame her). I finally found one I think we will both like. I knit this one up in a day.

Needed: 3 more cloths and 1 dish towel (more or less)

Christmas: Most of my family members know what our money situation has been like this year so hopefully they won't mind if I make them dish cloths and towels as well.
For my niece, son and his wife, Rainbow colored dish towels bordered in black with matching colored cloths. My dad and his wife will get the same only in subtle colors. I'm not sure what mom will get since her birthday will be what everyone else is getting for Christmas.

Hopefully I haven't over extended myself this time. I'm pretty sure this year will be more manageable than what I tried to do in years past.

And of course there's the shawl that I still need to get worked out for the Hobbit opening night.

And I just remembered my sister has a birthday in December as well. There goes my thoughts of manageable knitting.

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