Thursday, May 2, 2013

Next up, the yarn of DOOM...

Fat Cat Knits - Wizard Island
What started out as beautiful colors of soft fluff

Ended up in colors of crunchy mess.

This yarn was hell to spin. Not because of anything the dyer did, or the fiber mill, or even the sheep. It was hell to spin because about one fourth into it, my bobbin broke. I didn't notice it at first so as I was happily spinning away the yarn started imbedding itself and tangling itself in ways that, once I realized what was happening, took me hours to dig back out. I think I even had to cut some of it. I'm not sure. I've blocked that day from my memory.

Once I did get it all untangled and rewound onto my Doctor Who spindle and got spinning again, my spindle fell apart. By this time it was late and I'd had about all I could handle so, I set it down for a couple of days until I could deal with it again. I finally got it wound onto another bobbin but somehow had put the bobbin on backwards (don't ask how I didn't notice) and didn't notice it until the bobbin was nearly full and not spinning the way it should. I now have rub marks where any sane spinner should not make rub marks on their wheel.

The end result is 494 yards of ill spun, ill plied, 'crunchy' in places, yarn of pretty colors.

That refuse to show up for the camera.

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