Thursday, July 18, 2013

tdf13 day 20

I'm not sure how to write the post for this one.
When I was saving this collage, I titled it "day 20 woopsies". That might give you an idea of what today has been like.

I started today with spinning the last blue batt. Then I started plying the rainbows and blue together and wasn't exactly liking the yarn I was creating. I called my daughter over to see if she like it, it is for her scarf after all, and she didn't like it either. We decided that I should leave the blue out all togther (All that work!) and N-ply the rainbows. I'll spin up the last braid of that color way and just knit her scarf in that colorway.

I went ahead and N-plyed the blue as well. It looks much better by itself. It's also soft and squishy and yummy. I don't know what I'll do with it though.

And of course I decide to wash up all the yarn I've spun so far this tour and forgot to get pictures of the rainbows and blue yarns. The slightly fuzzy yarn hanging on the right is the rainbows dripping out on the porch. I'll get a picture of the blue tomorrow.

I really wasn't up for spinning the same yarn again so I pulled these two out of my stash. If I remember correctly, it's Falkland.

Now I'm sitting here looking at a check I just had to write. $800 for a new catalytic converter. I'm afraid to call the repairman about the washing machine. That broke down a couple weeks ago and I've had to shlep all our clothes to the laundromat.

I'm getting too old for this.

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