Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas came a little early this year

While I was desperately trying to knit my hand spun merino and silk into something resembling a scarf for my dad for Christmas



The box from Homestead wool and gift farm arrived.
My sister and her family gifted me wool this year.

washed Christmas
6oz Scottish Blackface, 6oz Corriedale, small bag of Suri Alpaca, 4oz ivory Coopworth, 6oz dyed blue Romney, 4oz silvery Coopworth, all washed.

Raw Christmas
8oz white Coopworth, 8oz East Fresian, 8oz silvery Coopworth, all raw.

I am beside myself with glee. I haven't worked with any of these breeds before so some I ordered raw as well as washed so I could practice washing more delicate fibers without too much worry or wandering if I was felting them or not. I love to work with raw wool, but that may just be because I've only washed hard to felt wools so far.

My husband is giving me a set of wool combs as well, so once those have arrived I will take the plunge into a bag of this stuff. I can't wait. I like the Cheviot that I've been working with, but frankly I needed a break. That's why I went for the merino/silk scarves. Unfortunately I can't knit well enough to show off the beauty of the yarn.

No matter. I have lots more fiber to play with. Even Kenshin thinks it yummy stuff.

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