Friday, July 1, 2011

Count down minus.....

When and what I spin is entirely based on what I feel like doing at that moment. Some days, or weeks, I don't want to spin but I'll go mad washing and preping fiber. At other times I'll be sick to death of washing and combing and abandon that project to start yet another pretty piece of fluff on a spindle. Because I'm easily bored I have a hard time ever finishing any one project without having started three more. For this reason I have a massive amount of fiber ready to spin for the Tour de France. I don't plan on spinning it all in one month, but with enough variety set aside for this, hopefully I will accomplish a few things. Here's what I have slated for TDF so far

For the Spinner's Study team
I'll have 16 breeds ready (hopefully). That's less than 2 ounces in each lunch bag. Some still need combed/carded, and I have 4 more on the drying racks right now. I really doubt I'll get through all of them but just in case, they will be there waiting for me.

For my own I have
1 pound 7 ounces of Coopworth ready to be spun into rug yarn. I have got to make a rug to put under my spinning wheel. I'm tired of chasing it all over the room anytime I try to use it.

And for the Phat Fiber team I have

That mass consists of Phat Fiber boxes from June (scifi)

And Phatie fiber that I've bought in the past year but have been too afraid to spin.
In a perfect world I would be able to Navajo ply and would be fearless in this pile. In reality I remember what I did to this fiber and I don't want to ruin an entire pile of pretties. I'm hoping the TDF will force me to stop thinking like this, get out there and spin, and learn how to make a yarn I'm thoroughly pleased with.

All of this will be spun on one of my spindles so they will also be placed in the spindle spinner's team.

Fiber's in these pictures came from The Spinning Loft, Homestead Wool and Gift Farm, local farms, and Etsy. The Phat Fiber picture with the full 4oz fibers are from Fiber Fancy, Pickin And Spinnin, Friends in Fiber, Into the Whirled, Northstar Alpacas, Spinfusion, The Critter Ranch, and I also have two bats on order from Mamjude but they haven't arrived yet.

I've never kept track of how much I can spin in any given time. July will be a study in how much fiber I can get through, and hopefully, clear out some of my stash. The plan is to spin several hours in the morning with Phat Fiber, and alternate in the evenings with breed studies and Coopworth rug yarn. We'll see if these old arthritic hands can keep up.

Because I will be spinning in the living room with the TV, I've loaded up my Netflix list and dusted off some DVDs. This is what I'll be watching, and just like my spinning, it will be all about what I'm in the mood for that day.

Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog
Jim Henson's The Story Teller
Hitchcock Presents
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Red Dwarf
Black Butler
D. Gray-man
To Sir with Love
3rd Rock From the Sun
Death of a Salesman
Keeping Up Appearances
Dirty Jobs
The Twilight Zone (original)
Dark Shadows
The Kids in the Hall
Star Wars trilogy (originals)
Stargate SG1
Stargate Atlantis
Star Trek (original)
Harold and Maude
Fraggle Rock
Reservoir Dogs
A Hard Day's Night
Black Death
Reclaiming the Blade
Going My Way
The Bell's of Saint Mary's
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Shutter Island
Top Gear
The new Whose Line (what ever it's called now)

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